Long-regarded as one of the world’s leading creative editorial companies, Final Cut’s London facilities feature its own Dolby-Licensed Sound Studio, allowing seamless collaboration between the edit and sound design from the outset through to the final mix.

London’s Sound Studio offers a fully integrated recording, editing, mixing and video playback solution featuring 7.1 surround sound. Additionally, dedicated ISDN and IP connections enable worldwide audio communication and recording capabilities.

Patch Rowland Sound Design / Audio Mix
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Final Cut’s New York facilities, located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, has its own full-featured Sound and Recording Studio, enabling seamless integration of sound design, composition and audio mix into the editorial and postproduction workflows from the beginning of the edit through final delivery.

New York’s Sound Studio offers 5.1 surround sound video playback and stereo mix, ADR, local voiceover recording, ISDN and Source Connect remote recording, original music composition and sound design capabilities.

T. Terressa Tate Sound Design / Audio Mix
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