“Everyone Likes to Watch” Droga5 and Xfinity’s Glued

Xfinity just launched Glued, their first-ever original web series to promote it’s on demand streaming service on YouTube and On Demand. The show was created by Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe, Divorce), Clelia Mountford and directed by John Riggi (30 Rock) with advertising agency Droga5 in partnership with Merman X Pulse.

Check out the teaser trailer:


The series was edited by the talented (and frequent collaborator to Sharon Horgan!) Steve Ackroyd with help from Cutting Assistant Spencer Campbell, and all finishing was done by our most Significant Others with Sound Design & Mix by Final Cut Sound’s own T. Terressa Tate.

Get “glued” yourself to Episode 1 below:


Starring real-life husband and wife and all around funny couple, John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory) and Jamie Denbo (Orange is the New Black), Glued deftly and humorously explores of-the-moment themes of binge-watching TV, and the behaviors and consequences that result.

To binge watch the rest of Glued for yourself, head over to YouTube here.