Final Cut’s Magnifique Summer of Sport

Final Cut kicks off ‘A Magnifique Summer of Sport’ for sports fans in Great Britain with adverts promoting Roland Garros French Open 2016, UEFA EURO 2016, and the Tour de France. With work from editors Ben Stephens, Suzy Davis, Daniel Sherwen and Final Cut Sound’s Patch Rowland for ITV, Sky and the BBC, there’s something here for everyone.

Get fired up by watching these adrenaline-pumping adverts below.

Game on!

ITV: ‘A Magnifique Summer of Sport’ featuring Eric Cantona, directed by Partizan’s Nadav Kander, and edited by Ben Stephens

ITV UEFA Euro 2016: ‘Lucky’ featuring Eric Cantona, edited by Suzy Davis

Sky: ‘Sky Loves Cycling’ edited by Daniel Sherwen

Euro 2016 on BBC Sport: ‘Liberté, Égalité, Footé’ sound design & mix by Final Cut Sound’s Patch Rowland