We’re on the 2nd Wave CLIO Shortlist!

Drumroll please…

Joe Guest’s ‘We’re the Superhumans’ for Channel 4 with Blink director Dougal Wilson and both Dan Sherwen’s ‘It Comes From Below’ from Droga5 and Somesuch x Anonymous Content director Aoife McArdle featuring Bryce Harper and Lucozade ‘Made to Move’ featuring Anthony Joshua from Grey and Smuggler director Christopher Hewitt are on the CLIOs Shortlist for Editing!

Check them out below.

Editor: Joe Guest
Director: Dougal Wilson
Agency: 4Creative
Production Company: Blink Productions

Under Armour, ‘It Comes From Below | Bryce Harper’
Editor: Dan Sherwen
Director: Aoife McArdle
Agency: Droga5
Production Company: Somesuch x Anonymous Content

Lucozade, ‘Anthony Joshua | Made to Move’
Editor: Dan Sherwen
Director: Christopher Hewitt
Agency: Grey
Production Company: Smuggler

And check out the complete shortlist here.