Shots Awards
Editing House Of The Year… Again!

We are chuffed to bits to be named Shots’ ‘Editing House of the Year’ for the fourth consecutive year running… What did we do to deserve this incredible honour? We worked our arses off, that’s what!

Absolut ‘Equal Love’ edited by Dan Sherwen

For all the winning people and companies, as well as some of the work that helped earn us a spot, head to Shots here.

AA ‘Singing Baby’ edited by David Webb

John Lewis ‘Buster the Boxer’ edited by Rick Russell

And for all the winning work in other categories (many of which we’re proud to have had a hand in as well), read on at Shots here.

Acura NSX ‘Original Must Be Done’ edited by James Rosen

Uniqlo ‘Move Like You’re Not Supposed To’ edited by Darren Baldwin