Sundance Hit Hearts Beat Loud Coming to Theaters!

Editor Patrick Colman and seasoned Sundance director Brett Haley’s (The Hero) feel-good festival hit Hearts Beat Loud starring Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) and Kiersey Clemons (Angie Tribeca) is coming to theatres this summer, on June 8, Variety reports!

This isn’t the first time Colman and Haley have worked together, however. Their first outing together was on Haley’s music video “Holding On” for the band The War On Drugs earlier last year.

The music video, no doubt, helped the editor and director to develop a working shorthand and good rapport which prepared them for the film.

The War On Drugs, “Holding On”, directed by Brett Haley, edited by Patrick Colman.

In January, Patrick spoke to Filmmaker Magazine about the experience of working with Haley and cutting Hearts Beat Loud.

“…prior to Hearts Beat Loud, I cut a music video for The War on Drugs that Brett directed and we were able to quickly get in sync with each other in the edit room. We found that we have similar sensibilities, work ethics and senses of humor. So, I think that went a long way in getting him to trust me with his film.”

On the chemistry of fan-favorite Offerman and young Clemons, Patrick had this to say:

“The biggest thing we wanted to do was really nail the father/daughter relationship between Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons. They have a lot of charm together, and we wanted to make sure to let that come through in as honest a way as possible.”

Read the full interview on Filmmaker Magazine here.

And be sure to check out the film in theatres this summer!