4 out of 10

The 2018 AICP Awards Shortlists have been announced, and we’re tickled pink that Final Cut’s work accounts for 4 out of the 10 pieces shortlisted in the Editorial Category!

Thank you, judges, for making this possible!

And congratulations to Crispin Struthers, JD Smyth, Rick Russell and Jeff Buchanan on some amazing work this year! We’ll see you at MoMA!

For the rest of this year’s Shortlist, head over to AICP.

Toyota ‘Good Odds’ edited by Crispin Struthers

Asics ‘I Move Me | Steve Aoki’ edited by JD Smyth, VFX by Significant Others, Sound mix by Machine‘s T. Terressa Tate

iPhone 7 Plus ‘Barbers’ edited by Rick Russell