Sweeping the
Shots Awards Shortlist

Shots released their Shots Awards 2018 Shortlist today, and we are over the moon to learn that both our LA and London have been shortlisted for Editing House of the Year! This is LA’s first nomination and London’s fifth consecutive nomination for Editing House of the Year. Our London office may or may not have taken home the title the past four years running

And that’s not all! Editors Joe Guest and Dan Sherwen are both up for the title of Editor of the Year again this year!

Nothing like a little healthy competition between family, eh?!

To view the complete Shots Awards 2018 Shortlist head here. See you in October when they announce the winners!

Nike ‘The Ball Makes Us More’ edited by Rick Russell and Ryan Beck out of FCUK


Toyota ‘Good Odds’ edited by Crispin Struthers out of FCLA


Dollar Shave Club edited by Jeff Buchanan out of FCLA


IKEA ‘Ghosts’ edited by Joe Guest out of FCUK


Volkswagen ‘Born Confident’ edited by Dan Sherwen out of FCUK