Reflections On Awards Season

Final Cut President Stephanie Apt took a moment to reflect on this past awards season, contributing to Little Black Book‘s Influencers column.

In particular, she reflects on a trend she noticed this year, that individual winners of craft categories were not, in fact, recognized for their craft.

“What struck me as very strange at the time, though, was that the editor was not named on the screen in the credits for the awarded work. This was not just a fluke. I noticed similarly that the cinematographer who was awarded in the cinematography category wasn’t credited either. Then this happened at the next awards show. And the next.

These are craft awards in disciplines which are generally the work of an individual. Why wouldn’t the individual be credited? We all know that the creation of exceptional work is a collaborative process. But editing requires the dedication of the editor…”

To read Stephanie’s full thoughts on the matter, read on over at LBB here.