James Rosen Shares
a Few Of His Favourite Things

Editor James Rosen sat down with Shots in his edit suite recently to share a few of his favourite things!

Among the highlights are James’ paper craft and drawing books.

“What I do is time-consuming and let’s face it, probably a little bit boring for most people to sit through and watch. So I like to offer my clients creative ways to pass the time. So far there’s ‘642 Things To Draw’ and the origami-style ‘Papertoy Monsters’. I don’t think people notice, but in a pot on the table is everything needed to get stuck in – scissors, pencils, erasers, tape and glue.”

As well as his vintage collection of Fighting Fantasy books!

“I rediscovered these at my parents’ house one Christmas and knew they belonged in my edit suite. I used to read (play?) these all the time as a child. Best described as a one player version of dungeons and dragons, these dice-controlled ‘choose your own adventure’ books probably gave me my first taste of DIY storytelling. PS4 is one thing, but try turning to page 241 to find out some barbarian just hacked your head off.’

‘(I also keep a pair of dice in the art pot for anyone who wants to try their luck.”

For the full article, head over to Shots. Or just go visit James in his edit! ?