Rick Russell On Nurturing New Talent

Founding Editor Rick Russell put pen to paper for Little Black Book‘s latest ‘Influencers’ column starting with his self-professed love for tennis, and how watching young proteges take on today’s greats is not unlike watching the next generation of young talent rise through the ranks of our own creative industry.

Rick delves into his own personal feelings on the importance of nurturing new talent, and how it forms the cornerstone of Final Cut’s ethos through the years.

“When I was exposed to the mysteries of the film cutting room, complete with cans of film print, trim bins and the scary Moviola, I realised that I had found a true vocation. My great joy is seeing others bitten by the same bug and dedicating themselves to the craft I love.”

Read Rick’s full piece over at LBB here.

Kano, “Trouble” edited by New Blood editor Lucy Berry, which recently won Gold for Best Edit in Music Video for Kano ‘Trouble’ at the Kinsale Sharks.