Dillon Stoneburner
Promoted to Editor

We’re excited to announce that Final Cut has promoted Dillon Stoneburner to our editor roster in the Los Angeles office. Stoneburner has been an assistant editor at Final Cut for six years, learning from some of the best in the trade. 

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Stoneburner made the move to Los Angeles just out of college, once he realized he wasn’t going to make it as a pro hockey player. He landed his first job in the city as a runner at Final Cut, then began to climb the ranks, becoming vault manager before moving to the cutting room. 

The young editor found mentorship and encouragement in the editing bays at Final Cut. Honing his skills under the tutelage of Jeff Buchanan, Zoe Schack, Rick Russell, and Joe Guest, Stoneburner’s relatable personality and dedication to his craft have led to work with global brands such as Amazon, Doritos, Xfinity, Squarespace, Audi, Uber, and Budweiser. His passion for exploring character-led stories and documentary-style campaigns is also evidenced in his editing for television series and in multiple short films. He most recently co-edited a DoorDash campaign with Jeff Buchanan, which aired during last Sunday’s big game. Featuring actor and performer Daveed Diggs and some of Sesame Street’s most recognizable residents, the campaign was the delivery service’s first-ever Super Bowl appearance and was honored as an Ad Age Editors Pick. 

“Every editor I’ve worked with has taught me something that has helped me to grow in my career,” says Stoneburner. “I hope I’m able to pay it forward in the same way in the future. Final Cut gave me a chance – a kid from a small suburb outside Detroit who’s had to work for everything he has – and they are like a giant, ridiculously talented family to me.” 

Says Final Cut editor Jeff Buchanan, “In 2015, when I heard we were hiring a new assistant named Dillon Stoneburner, I was really excited because I assumed he had made up his name, and was possibly in some sort of witness protection program situation or something cool like that. Once I realized Stoneburner was his real last name, I was a bit disappointed. But when I saw his amazing dedication to his work, and his unmistakable talent, my hopes were quickly replenished. Dillon is a thoughtful, creative and efficient editor, with a vast skill set, and I’m looking forward to watching his talents grow.”